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3 Best Beach Hikes in Bocas del Toro

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

Looking for some good beach hikes? Here are the best three. ISLA CARENERO TRAIL

Hike the northern half of Isla Carenero, just fallow the beach trail. Its gorgeous Caribbean landscape and surf breaks is mesmerizing. This walk is flat and easy, its a must do while your in Bocas.



The Wizard Beach Trail on Isla Bastimentos, is a 20 minute hike, which can be difficult when wet and muddy, but rewards with a pristine Caribbean beach, untouched by man, natural, raw and tropical. A gem of the world and great beach break for surfing.



Polo beach is a must. Its adventurous, but easy enough. You might even get to meet Polo himself, a friendly local who's been living at the beach his entire life. He might even cook you lobster and fish. The beach is protected by a reef and offers great swimming. To get there, you can hike east from red from beach. There's a good security presence and its very safe.

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