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I'm Singing in the Rain! Or at least enjoying it. Here's why...

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

Bocas del Toro is a tropical rainforest. I think that's awesome! I remember as a child, watching National Geographic films about rainforests. The steamy air, buzzing sounds, thick jungle, all seemed like a fantasy out of an Indiana Jones movie. The animals and plants were so exotic and beautiful and all of it was thanks to the life giving rain and tropical sun. The most biodiverse ecosystem in the world; tropical rainforests.

So, I think that the rain in Bocas del Toro is different than a rainy day at your house. It's not a bad thing. For one, it's warm, but also cool, so it's really the perfect temperature. For example, you can go to the beach and swim in the rain, and walk up and down the beach in the rain, and you won't be cold. Its truly amazing, you have to try it to believe it. Where else can you still enjoy the beach in the rain?

Not only does a rainy day not ruin your beach day, but the town is actually built for a rainy climate. Enjoying restaurants and walking down the street are easy because of long overhangs and breezy expansive porches. Enjoying the night out during the rain is easy. Just take and umbrella and go.

Even though the rain is easy to cope with in Bocas, most of the time it rains at night, which keeps it nice and cool like nature's AC. The sun usually greets the next morning in steamy rays as the tropical air warms up. The rainforest cycle is magical and its lushness creates the most desirable tropical vacation environment. It's like living in a National Geographic Movie.

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