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Bocas del Toro, Panama

The Hidden Gem of the Caribbean


Founded in 1826

Bocas quickly became one of the country's most important cities. By the 1920's, Bocas had 3 newspapers, a bottling company, and the first lottery of the country. United fruit company created a banana boom town that brought people from all over the world. 

Quaint, Colonial Architecture

Lines the streets, with overhangs and colorful balconies. The charm of a tropical small town, surrounded by islands. The Surf vibe gives the town a cozy and familiar feel. Perched over the water, Bocas Town is the perfect place to launch your daily adventures from. 


Surrounded By The Most Pristine Tropical Islands in the World. 

Bocas is home to so many diverse ecosystems, you'll see and hear wildlife everywhere you go. The Coast abounds with sea life, and the Jungles are lush and buzzing with creatures. Enjoy untouched beaches surrounded by tropical green canopies. 

Everything is Built over the water

Creating a truly Caribbean Paradise everywhere you go. The views are incredible and the water is warm and clear. Visit countless places built over the water, eat, drink, relax, swim

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Christopher Columbus visited Bocas on his Fourth Voyage

On the search for gold and a passage to the Pacific, Columbus stopped here and named many of the islands after himself and the voyage. 


Later, Pirates used Bocas as a hideout to attack Spanish treasure ships

Bocas was a perfect pirate hide out. Spanish treasure galleon would sail from Panama to Cartagena and Havana, heavy with gold. 

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